CD Keys Discount Code - Does One Exist?

CD Keys Discount Code - Does One Exist?

I've been in this game a long time. I've said it on many times that is my all time favorite store. One thing I know however is that coupons for the site are extremely hard to come by. Now I have a great working relationship with the owner. We talk regularly on Skype. His site is one of the most popular out there so I'm always making sure I'm giving my users the best experience by correctly linking to their product and the prices are all up to date. There is one issues however that we never seem to get resolution on. A CD Keys Discount Code unique for CDKeyPrices

I began the campaign...

CD Keys Discount Code 1


I got no reply. It's ok, the site literally does hundreds of orders per day. They get busy. I understand. I put in another effort. I tried again. Nada. He's having non of it. To be honest, the prices are pretty cheap anyways. It was more the point!

Well actually, does have a 5% coupon! Here's how.

Step 1 - Create An Account

First off, head to and create an account. I'm yet to try it myself but this method might only reward users who are making a purchase for the first time. If that is the case you may need to create a new account with another email address. If this is not the case please let me know in the comments!

[button color="green" size="big" link="" icon="" target="true"]Create Your Account[/button]


Step 2 - Visit Their Facebook Page

Once you have created an account, you need to visit their Facebook page. On the left hand side you will see a link saying "Click Here to Get 5% Off! Once clicked it takes a few seconds to load due to it being a Facebook app

[button color="green" size="big" link="" icon="" target="true"]Visit CDKeys Facebook[/button]

Step 3 - Get Your Unique Code

Once you hit the above link you will be presented with a box to insert your email address. Once completed you will be presented with your unique code. Be sure to take note off it as you only get one!
CDKeys Coupon

And there you have! It takes a bit of work but a cd keys discount code most certainly exists. When their prices are already very cheap, 5% is better than a kick in the teeth!